Thank you Zig!

Recently my niece posted a quotation from the very successful motivational speaker, salesman extraordinaire, and author, Zig, Zigler.  Zig said we should go through life “looking backward with forgiveness, forward with hope, upward with gratitude, and downward with compassion.”

Perhaps the person we need to forgive first and foremost is ourselves. If you are at all like me, there are times when you are your own worst enemy. We need to let the self incrimination go and be free of regrets.

Hope for the future is more than wishing things were better. It is result of having faith (you might substitute the word “trust”) that God (your Higher Power) is in control and things will work in His time.

Gratitude is the powerful attitude that helps us find contentment it what is. It keeps us from taking things for granted. Life is a gift, from the air we breathe to skills and talents we use everyday.

Compassion flows from gratitude as we recognize “things could be worse” and perhaps God is calling us to help things be better for others just as He and others have made things better for us.

When it comes to Hospice Care these four attitudes are very important in helping us and helping the patient to have the best possible  quality of life in the precious time that is left. We need to encourage forgiveness of self and others. We need to convey our hope in life on the other side of death. We need to exhibit our gratitude, beginning with how thankful we are to be in relationship with the patient. We need to express our compassion in ways that help physically, emotionally, and spiritually comforting.

One thing that is left out of Zig’s statement is “Love.” However, love is in each one of the four attitudes to life. Love enables us to forgive. Love inspires us to hope, Love is recognized in thanksgiving, and practiced in compassion.

Go forth into this day with these attitudes behind, before, above and below and be blessed.

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