Today is all we ever have

There is one of those pithy wisdom sayings about time that goes something like this: past, present, and future. The past is past and we’ll never have it again. The future is not here yet and never will be. All we have is the present and it is a gift!

I learned last night that a former co-worker I know and admire died. It was a shock since she was young and I hadn’t realized she was ill. One of her friends included some information on her Facebook page. She told how our friend had decided against a possible transplant. “I’ve had a full life and done all I wanted to do.”

Well I am twice her age and there are lots and lots of things I still want to do. However, it does remind me of St. Paul who shared that he would rather “be with the Lord” yet whether here or there “I am content in all circumstances.”

Thus, to the extent we can be “content” today and enjoy the present as a gift, we too, like my friend could be ready to die today.

When it comes to Hospice care these thoughts take on a more immediate context. It is better not to worry about tomorrow but to enjoy the present as best as possible. Tomorrow will come all too soon enough, and today will be the past all too quickly. Let us all treasure the present of today and the gift of our friends and family.

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