What Day Is It?

Do you ever get confused?  Have you ever had to answer those annoying questions? What day is it? Who is the President? Personally I have worked hard to remember my own set of questions. I will say, “I’ll answer your questions if you will answer mine first!”

How many seconds in a year? How many days of the week begin with the letter T? How many Ds in Dixie?

The answers: 12, 4, and about 365.

January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd…..   Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tommorow    D D D DDD DDDDDD (sing the song!)

Anyway, I had one of those days already this morning. I’m scheduled to help out at two marketing events. I thought one was this morning. Not. I checked my calendar. It said it was the other one. Not. It is tomorrow!

I’m not really losing my mind (yet). I can still play a mean game of chess. I’m working on learning to play a couple of instruments (Fiddle, Hammer Dulcimer, and Mandolin).  However, with all the press Alzheimer’s gets these days I am at least mildly worried.

I have a vivid memory of my first encounter with the disease. There was a retired couple in our congregation in Tucson. They enjoyed taking long walks together in the desert. One day she wasn’t feeling well and he went by himself. When he got home she didn’t know who he was and became hysterical! It was one of the most tragic events ever shared with me as a clergyman.

When it comes to Hospice care, these events can be common. As we live longer and don’t die sooner of other things like heart attacks or even cancer, Alzheimer’s attacks more and more of our citizens. This slowly progressing disheartening disease is difficult for patients and care givers alike.

A good friend and mentor of mine is going through this trial with his wife. His book and blog could be helpful to others. https://www.createspace.com/4021320

Meanwhile, let us all be kind to ourselves and gentle with others whose memory is slipping away.

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