Am I repeating myself?

Now that I have been writing these meditations for several months I find somewhat more difficult to come up with new topics. Often I begin and then I think, “Have I written this before?” So I scroll though my computer file folder and sure enough, there is a post with the same basic message.

The Bible says “There is nothing new under the son.” There are times when I believe it. Just look at all the current movie redos. I’m not just talking about sequels and prequels, of which there are many. I mean movies that have been made before. The current The Great Gatsby, for example, is the third time around.

As a preacher I am conscious of the old saying that most preachers only have one basic sermon. Although I beg to differ, it is probably more or less true. Think of the greatest modern Evangelist, Billy Graham. If you have heard one of his sermons you know they all have the same conclusion…”Come on down.”   Mine is something like, “There is more of God’s love and mercy than you can imagine enough healing and forgiveness for all and plenty for you.”

When something big happens in my life I find that I want to tell the story over and over again. If I’m not careful I will tell it to you three or four times.

I love to tell jokes. Thankfully, in my life I have had a few people who don’t remember the punch lines and let me tell all my jokes over and over again. Did you hear about the parrot?????

When it comes to Hospice Care we often find that patients and care givers can be repetitive too. It is important to exercise patience. The patient and care givers repeat themselves either because they don’t remember telling us already or because it is therapeutic to repeat the story. Either way it is much more helpful for us to listen attentively than to shut them off.

So when I rewrite the message of this post “like” it again just as you are about to do right now!

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